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Patient Reviews

Amazing as always. Thank you Akwety!

PAULETTE T. | May 18, 2024
I felt very welcomed and safe

KENISE L. | May 02, 2024
Mr akrong is so patient and so great to work with. He answers all my questions and I never feel rushed. He's been a huge help in changing my mental health

ANKUSH D. | Apr 23, 2024
Great experience!!!

ANIYAH V. | Apr 18, 2024
Mr. Akrong was great to speak with. He was really professional and is really down to earth.

DION C. | Apr 16, 2024
Kimberly is very thorough and thoughtful. It’s hard to find someone like her. This practice as a whole is amazing.

BRANDON L. | Apr 08, 2024
Great to work with

ANKUSH D. | Mar 23, 2024
I’ve had a few different psychiatrists and I’ve never had one sit down and truly listen to me and my experiences before. Dr Akrong really takes his time to understand me AND my medical needs!

KAITLYN S. | Mar 20, 2024
I would definitely recommend this practice to friends or family. Dr Hunt is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient. She l is genuinely concerned about my well-being.

CHERYL C. | Mar 15, 2024
Over the last 3 years I've managed to turn my life around largely because of Dr. Akrong. I went into my sessions with great apprehension for fear of being prescribed anti-depressants right out of the gate. Akwetey understood that, took a step back, listened to my story, and helped me realize and cope with my underlying issues of ADHD. I've managed to finish my undergrad, get married, and have my first child thanks to the last three years of therapy. I don't think a 5-star review is enough thanks, but it's the best I can do.

MICHAEL H. | Mar 14, 2024
He changed my life; I'm not sure where I would be without seeking his help.

PATRICK B. | Mar 14, 2024
Mr. Akwetey “Doc” Akrong has help me extremely. He has talked me through some very difficult times he’s very understanding considerate confident knowing and designing a routine just for me he’s not quick to medicate he gradually gets you to a place of stability…he has shown me different ways of coping and self care to be able to get through I trust and respect “Doc” he’s amazing at what he do.

CASANDRA C. | Mar 01, 2024
"Great experience, very helpful and genuine."
Tom Jennings
"He's an absolutely amazing doctor. He was able to tell that I had been misdiagnosed for most of my life. He's put me on the path to really be myself."
"Mr Akrong is very knowledgeable and actually take his time to do his research beforehand."
"Truely understands how you feel"
"Knowledgeable, caring, and attentive. Thank you Mr. Akrong."
"Akwetey has a warm and upbeat personality. I’ve felt comfortable with him from day one because he listens closely and takes everything I say seriously with no judgment."
"Great provider"
Tom Jennings
"Great experience, very friendly and very willing to help."
"Caring and knowledgeable."
"I really enjoyed my experience with Akwetey. He truly hears you, listens and answers all questions thoroughly and honestly."
"Dr. Akrong practices active listening and provides well informed responses to increase your understanding of your condition as well as providing tools to help manage."
"Very helpful and insightful. Extremely friendly and easy to talk to."
"Really took the time to listen and find a game plan for my treatment."
"Dr. Akrong was friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and easy to share with. I’ve only just begun but feel hopeful about the treatment plan and feel I’m in good hands."
"The BEST experience. I could not recommend Dr. Akrong more! Streamlined, prompt and professional process for appointment scheduling, payment, and getting medication."
"An amazing doctor. He truly cares about not just your symptoms, but why the symptoms are happening."